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Configuration Module
Configuration Module used to  change current using dip switches on  configuration board


The configuration module allows users to set the above mentioned parameters and offers the below advantages:

1-Step resolution change via dipswitches on configuration board
2-Run current change via dipswitches on configuration board
3-Hold current change via dipswitches on configuration board
4-Damping modes for smoother motion
5-Selection of sensing the step pulses on the rising edge or falling edge
6-Selection of sensing the direction change on the rising or falling edge
7-When disabling the unit, selection of either having power or no power to the unit
8-Only one configuration module is necessary; a single module can be used to configure multiple SilverPak D units

Please note that all SilverPak 23D and 23DE products shipped on or before August 24, 2007 have internal jumpers that are used to set various parameters (i.e. step resolution, hold current, and run current) on the unit.  However, due to the release of the new RoHS compliant configuration board, all SilverPak 23D and DE products shipped on or after August 31 , 2007 will no longer have the embedded jumpers. 

Please Note: The configuration module can be purchased under Lin part number: 083-00048.

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