The Smoothest NEMA 23 Stepper Motor Yet

G5709 Smoothest NEMA 23 Stepper Motor

Morgan Hill, California— July 2014

Lin Engineering is pleased to release the new G5709 stepper motor series.  This NEMA 23, 0.9 degree stepper motor was designed to output high torque while  running with extremely low resonance. 

With typical stepper motors there is oftentimes  a performance gap between torque and resonance; going with a higher torque stepper motor oftentimes means sacrificing resonance and getting a noisier motor.  The G5709 motor series is able to output high torque while being extremely smooth, accurate, and exhibiting low noise

Examples of applications that will benefit most from the G5709 motors series:

  • Noise sensitive
  • High accuracy is a must
  • Reliability and repetition are important
  • Torque output required in order to avoid stalling or skipped steps

Two added benefits of the G5709 stepper motor series are a lower overall operating temperature and Lin Engineering's patented Signature Series Technology.  More information regarding Signature Series  Technology can be found here.

Inquire about the new G5709 stepper motor series now and begin improving your application's performance!

* Evaluation samples are distributed based on certain restrictions. Please review these conditions.

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